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Slipform is developed especially for vertical concrete structures such as walls and columns in high rise building and chimneys. As its name suggests, slipform is a self-climbing formwork for concrete pouring that is secured and remains in place until the top of the structures.
The construction begins a fixed-diameter steel assembled on top of a foundation. This creates the cavity of the wall where reinforcing steel is tied. The form connects to jack rods with hydraulic jacks, which automatically move the form vertically as the concrete is being poured. Upper and lower decks suspended to the rig provide areas for other supporting works. Operations such as insertion of reinforcement, of door and window frames, equipment and concrete quality control and concrete surface finishing can be performed at the same time during concrete pouring and the equipment rising.
High progress rate is possible with continuous concrete pouring. Total height per 24-hour is approximately 6.00 meters. It is considered as the fastest technique of construction vertical structures.
Slipform equipment on site with upper deck and lower platform for supporting jobs

Time savings.

Several operations continue simultaneously.
Manpower savings.
Cost savings (from shortened construction period).
Easy finishing touch of concrete surface.
Deviation or mistakes (if any) are monitored, detected and fixed at early stage.

These sets of equipment are recommended for high rise concrete structures with a fixed-diameter and wall thickness or cross section. The frequent users are silos, tanks, tower sheer walls and service cores.

PCM owns an extensive inventory of equipment for 6 silos, 1 pre-heater unit for the construction of 2 cement plants at the same time.
Variations in cross section and wall thickness make possible with a little adjustment of equipment. This equipment type is for tapered structures as chimneys. Highly skilled personnel and special equipment set up are required.
Our 4 sets of equipment are ready for all types of chimney with the widest diameter of 27 m.
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